Update 1.0

1/2 Jurassic Marsh

-Vases War
-You can emote with "T"

Gold Magnet
Primal Peashooter
Primal Sunflower
Primal Spudown
Primal GraveBuster
Poppin´ Popies

Boombox Zombie
Disco Zombie
Raptor Zombie
Peterodactyl Zombie
Door Zombie
Beehive zombie

buff hurrikale(new hability: freeze)
balance spore shroom(damage 20>24, wont transform graves and targets)
nerf sound wave(damage 1500>400)
winterpult (cost 450>400)
buff kiwibeast(damage second form 15>17 thirt form 28>30)
splitpea(damage rate 2.3s>2s)
balance goldleaft(cost 50>75 cooldown 21.5s>19s)
nerf king(health 320>240)
buff fumeshroom (damage 16>18 fire rate 2.1s>2.1s)
nerf jester (cost 250 cooldown 11s>23s)
nerf speaker(13s>25s)
balance disco zombie(health disco 120>160, dance faster)
buff coconut cannon(damage 130>200)
nerf cactus(hide damage 8>4)
nerf sungrave(cost 0>25)
nerf interaction with rapper and brackdancer


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