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What is Plants vs. Zombies It's Versus Time?

Plants vs. Zombies It's Versus Time is a fan game inspired by PVZ2 and the Versus Mode PVZ1 that adds multiple maps, new features, and new units from Plants vs. Zombies 2. This game is allows local and online play with other players. The object of the game is to knockout three zombie targets or attack your opponent's house with hungry zombies. The game has a variety of modes, which include classical survival, Co-op Mode in pool, and plants vs Dr. Zomboss on the roof.

What devices and controls can play the game?

This game can be played in pc(windows) with keyboard, joysticks and mouse. This project is designed exclusively for Windows and it will not be compatible with other platforms. Therefore, you cannot play on Android, Mac or iOS devices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can the game be played online?


What is Launcher?

It is a file that allows users to auto update game version when new update is released so they don't need to go download a new file every time. This is optional. Users may choose to download a new file for every new release. It shows details of updates for each version, such as new features and buff/nerf to units which can be found upon clicking "show changelog"

What is the differences between the maps?

Only differ in music and lawn art(dark ages is the only exeption).


Server admin and ideas: Misterio and Plovazo.
Music: Joaco, ` porc, nnico.
Ideas: Vicente Zucuru
Sprites design: Pable Mariane, EmicoOtero, Gradient.

Discord Link:


Updated 5 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
AuthorSergio Ortiz
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withPiskel, Clickteam Fusion
Tags2D, Arcade, Multiplayer, plants-vs-zombies, pvz, Tower Defense, undead, Versus
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, High-contrast
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


IVT 1.4.zip 200 MB
IVTmaker v2.2.exe 20 MB
launcher.zip 6.8 MB
IVT 1.35.zip 199 MB
IVT 1.3.zip 196 MB
IVT 1.26.zip 176 MB
IVT 1.25.zip 156 MB
IVT 1.2.zip 154 MB
IVT 1.15.zip 154 MB
IVT 1.05T.zip 140 MB
IVT 0.95.zip 127 MB
IVT 0.862.zip 141 MB
pvz m v0.451.zip 88 MB
pvz m v0.26.zip 70 MB

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New updates? Nice, but I don't see any new plant / zombie yet, but the most important thing is :

Have you fixed Lily Pad bug?

there are 4 new plants and 2 new zombies. i dont remember what bug

Really? Maybe I have to check it first when I'm with my PC, because what I read in your changelog here are just balancing / buff / nerf

About Lily Pad bug : Have you forgotten? I was making a report to you about that a few months ago. When Lily Pad that placed on the ground (not on the water) gets bitten by Zombie, my game crashed. It's because in original PvZ 2, the zombies never eat Lily Pad on the ground, they just walk through it (like Spikeweed, for example) 馃槓


Please Add More PvZ1 Plants and Zombies And Make Plants vs. Zombies 2:It's CO-OP Time (which is pvz1 but it's only coop)

hello, what plants you want to see?.
You can play coop in online mode


yay ill finally play with my friend, thank you


Hi, I loved your game is the best fan game of pvz I have ever played.

I write this comment to warning you of something you of a thing you have wroten in bad way of Spanish translation, this is in zombie "poncho" (in spanish), you have put in his desctiption: "puede o no aparecer con armadra) but the correct way of say it is: "puede on no aparecer con armadura"

Creo que tal y como esta es correcto, "on" no es una palabra del espa帽ol

what is ivt maker

its to make custom levels

just one of the bests local mp i ever played

thanks :3


Trojan schoolgirl


its just a false positive

Hey man love your game, So there's definitely some things that need to be changed For balance purposes. For starters a lot of custom zombies Have a lot of damage output compared to their cost, And some are broken like though biotank zombie,  where when defeated his head rolls and then destroys plants,  but we found out that a bunch of projectiles kept on going over the head and it couldn't seem to damage it  and instead of destroying one plant it destroys a couple in  a lane,  that definitely needs to be fixed.

 some bugs I encountered.  Bungee Zombie will jump the plant but will still behind behind enough to start eating the plant,  both plants and zombies can place sunflowers and other plants stacked up on top each other.  a lot of different zombies with movement abilities and Elaine jumping seems to jump a lot forward than they should be,  the  Egyptians Sun Steeler: plant side has no way to collect the sun before it's stolen, the Steeler does not stop moving when stealing Sun.  when defeated plan side doesn't get any of their sun back.These are some of the things that need to be balanced and patched please keep up the work in developing this game because this is perfect fan game and we love to see it developed and patched further 

Also do you know how to save your progress?  when logging off I lose all my coins and I have no way to go to different worlds.

Hello, thanks for your feedback, we can discuss some bugs in the discord since some things have been planned like this. for now i will work with pole vaulter

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Can you make a copy for android please


pls read the description, I cant do that.

I read it but whay you cant it is hard or what pls answer me


its hard, clickteam limitations

thanks to tel  me

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Do I download the launcher alongside the game zip file to get automatic updates or just the launcher and no game?

just launcher and no game

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Hello sir, this is the best PvZ Versus Mode I've played so far

By the way, I forgot to tell you if there is bug when Plants side put Lily Pad on the ground. If it gets bitten by Zombie, the game will crash (remember, only Lily Pad on the ground, not on the water)

also, I wonder if someday the Plants side got a "Plant Food" ? I know if that's too OP, but it makes the game more interesting, I guess 馃槃

as for balance, we would probably have to attribute something similar to the zombies, currently there would be about 200 units, so it is too big a task. by the way thanks for reporting lily pad

Oh, one more thing. I don't know if this was intentional or not

All PvZ veteran knows if Parasol Zombie are immune to any lobbed shot plants. However, does it include manual shot from Banana Launcher and Holly Barrier too?

why I'm asking this? Because I found small issue when Zombie side put Parasol Zombie at bottom lane near Target Zombie and Plant side launch Banana Launcher to her. Okay, she deflects it, straight into the target Zombie, killing them instantly. Pretty funny huh? 馃槕

in that case she is immune so it is a funny interaction

I think that having Pool, Fog, Roof, Day, and Night stages from PVZ 1 added in and already unlocked in the beggining would turn this from a 8/10 to a 20/10

you can play roof in local(1.35 version). Others are just incompatibles.

hey i downloaded the launcher and i think i saw u comment there was a pool map? i didnt actually find it or it was probably my mind idk but good game i enjoy playing it with my brother

pool mode is available in online mode

okay thnak you :D

El juego esta calidad, lo malo es que esta en ingles, ademas me gustaria que a帽adieran el co-op para que los 2 sobrevivan a altas rondas pero el juego esta bastante buenob

1. Puedes cambiar el idioma de las descripciones de plantas/zombies.
2. En el modo online tienes disponible el modo piscina en el que puedes jugar cooperativo con otra persona, el objetivo es sobrevivir 25 minutos.

si ya encontre el espa帽ol pero el multijugador en linea no me sirvo y no entiendo pq, simplemente no me sale ninguna partida host y cuando publico una nadie se mete.

El juego no es muy popular ( :( ). Te recomiendo entrar al discord, ahi podras encontrar a alguien.


Es un buen juego de pvz tiene la esencia del 1 pero tambien la del 2 es muy buena alternativa para jugar un juego como los originales 

aun asi es un muy buen juego por si solo no nesesitas jugar los otros el juego en si es muy bien 


Hey buddy, are u interested in help related to translations into portuguese and spanish?

I have some ideas for the game. The first idea I have is that there could be a button that organizes the plants and zombies for the Xbox version of PVZ. The second idea is to have hats in the store to put on plants and zombies. and I have another idea, but it would be more complicated to do, it would be a system that allows you to create your own zombie or plant.

I would appreciate it if you would go to the discord to comment on these ideas, however I regret to tell you that none of these ideas are possible.

I detected a trojan!

yea its a false positive dont worry


Wallnut bust a nut


I love PvZ so much!!!!!!

(1 edit) (+2)


So, this can be played online with other people? not just on the same keyboard?


Does the game work with a controller? If so, mine isn't working, my controller is a Feir usb ps2


try with antimicro antimicro download | SourceForge.net

Are you going to put the Portuguese language in the game?

one person was helping me with the translation but I stopped receiving a response.

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm having some problems with the game, when I go to that options tab, my game crash, Besides, when the game crashes my PC/notebook restarts.

But this isn't always happening, I'm just saying this because this is definitely a bug, it doesn't affect the game. The game is incredible.馃檪

Are you going to put the pool map in the game?

no, the game content on my part has come to an end

there's pool now, as Coop Mode endless and other maps can be purchased in shop

why does the peashooter zombie shoots 4 peas?


he is the gatling pea 馃槑


whenever I open up the online tab, and try to select a mode, I never end up getting the online lobby U.I., instead only getting the text saying how to exit, the input lag, the zombie creation menu button, and the "random seed: both player must..." text

gonna try a reinstall, just thought I'd say it here so you're aware B)

I recommend you to enter the discord to check better your problem, for now it seems that it is a problem between your network and the server

update here, still hasn't shown up after a few reinstalls as a just in case, and also after trying the most recent update directly from here, instead of the launcher


Level Maker & custom levels are such an underrated part of the game. Infinite potential!

Its not letting me download it onto my computer

Its not a bug.

The Level Maker isn't working can you fix it please

whats not working?Could you be more specific?


Buenisimo. Good




in android?

What devices and controls can play the game?

This game can be played in pc(windows) with keyboard, joysticks and mouse. This project is designed exclusively for Windows and it will not be compatible with other platforms. Therefore, you cannot play on Android, Mac or iOS devices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

when will the next update be released?

Almost done, I'm giving it some final touches in about 5 days.

how to do download? it tell me to downloadd like C++

Could you enter the discord? It's a bit of a weird mistake, maybe I can explain it better there

(1 edit)

can you make it so we can choose which side to play (plants or zombies) for survival mode (single-player)

I don't know how to make the AI know how to play

a few bugs in ivtmaker that I found.

boombox zombies' id is 58 instead of 57. gold leaf doesn't spawn when summoned by ivtmaker. hope this helps..

I appreciate your reports and they will be fixed for the next version.


I'll let you know if I find anymore bugs.

(1 edit)

I found a few more bugs. peashooter id is 2 instead of 1. sunflowers id is 1 instead of 2. when you summon more than one coffee tiles, only 1 spawn. minecarts and rails don't spawn if spawned by pl87.

(1 edit)

The IDs can be found in the game almanac (since you will probably find that they are all offset by 1), where did you see that sunflower I'd is 2?

when I type 2, I get peashooter and when I type 1, I get sunflower. 

maybe make a drag and drop

sorry i cannot do that

what is the online version of this

You can use the launcher for autoupdate

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