Update 0.78

Far future Expancion:
Imp morter

New features:
online fixes
Buff Cold Plants deactive some habilities

Shield bot nerf
Tomb raiser nerf
Weasel nerf
Shovel zombie nerf
Parasol nerf
Bonkchoi buff
Imp nerf
Imp cannon nerf
Capitain pirate nerf
Yeti imp nerf
Swackbusher nerf
Snowpea buff
Explorer imp nerf
Squash nerf
Chilli bean nerf
Guava lava nerf
Toadstool buff
Cocont cannon buff
Hierva lupa buff
Jalapeno buff
Lighting reed buff
Zoybean nerf(zombie)
Grave buster buff
Blomerang nerf
Prime gargantuar nerf


pvz m 0.78.zip 121 MB
Sep 27, 2022

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